Melissa Lancaster | Consulting Producer

Every vision has a genesis. And the vision for Acappella The Musical launched with some of the most soul-stirring music ever created! All of the songs featured in the production were originally produced by The Acappella Company - more commonly known as Acappella. Acappella has sold well over three million units and toured every continent on the globe since Keith Lancaster - songwriter, producer, and original lead singer - formed the group in 1982.

Believing in the awesome versatility and flexibility of the human voice, this renowned vocal group can fill a large concert hall with beautiful, intricate music without ever plucking a string or beating a drum. Acappella's current model, launched in August 2014, combines the talents of the ministry's past and present singers on concerts and albums. The group's lineup will vary from event to event, showcasing vocalists from multiple eras of Acappella Ministries' 32-year history in fresh new combinations. Acappella has featured special lineups for reunion concerts and other select events in the past, but is now in position to make that a permanent fixture for fans to enjoy.

Melissa Lancaster, Keith's daughter, is currently Vice President of the group and oversees much of the current line production. She can harldly contain her passion for music. "I'm sort of a workaholic - mainly because I love what I do! I grew up on a bus touring with my family for my dad's singing group. I saw the whole country at an early age, and now I can't stay put. It made me a gypsy so I have to travel and sing or I get antsy!"

A few years ago, Melissa formed a spin-off acappella group known as Durant. Durant's core members include siblings Melissa, Kim, and Brantley Lancaster, Stephanie Harding, Julie Tracy, William Gooch and Danielle Sprawling. Their album, Ride received the CASA nomination for Best Religious album from the Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA), and their newest album Colorblind features The Sing Off Winners NOTA as well as many other guest artists. Just recently Colorblind won runner up for Album of the Year from CASA.